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How to increase testosterone levels in men

How to increase testosterone levels in men testosterone levels

How to increase testosterone levels in men?

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A man must be an optimist, having all the best ahead. Although this is a joke statement, it has cheap anabolic steroids a grain of truth. To be a harmonious person, a man must be developed not only spiritually, but also hormonally. This is where the problems begin. Increasingly, the representatives of the stronger sex are let down by the main sex hormone, whose name is testosterone. It is produced in the adrenal cortex and by the male sex glands of the testicles. Its deficiency can lead not only to problems with the structure of muscles and skeleton, but also can make a man inferior in the sexual sphere. How to increase testosterone production? We will dwell on this problem in more detail..

How to increase testosterone in the blood?

Before you find out at what level testosterone is in the body, you need to take a blood test. The norm in men over 14 years old fluctuates around 5, 76, 28, 14 nmol / l. If the level of testosterone is low, this may indicate the presence of Down syndrome, kidney failure, insufficient functioning of the gonads, obesity, and chronic prostatitis. Also, do not be surprised if the lack of this hormone is the result of such bad habits as drinking and smoking..

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Despite the individuality of the reasons, the methods of restoring the norm of the hormone in the body are available to everyone and are easy to use. Therefore, it will not be difficult for anyone to remember, due to which there is an increase in testosterone levels in a man:

How to increase testosterone levels in men lack this

1. Proper nutrition has always been a guarantee of health. In addition, diet is more important for increasing testosterone. If a lack of it is found in the the evolution of bodybuilding body, the first thing to do is to review your diet. The daily menu should include:

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foods that increase testosterone in men. These include sea fish (pollock, mackerel, salmon, sardine), vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, olive), meat (veal, beef), eggs;

vitamins that increase testosterone: minerals such as zinc and vitamins C, F, E are mainly responsible for the production of this hormone;

plants that increase testosterone: berries, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts.

2. The second place anadrol for sale in the account, but not in importance, is taken by physical activity. As a rule, those men who play sports or spend time in gyms rarely experience a lack of this hormone. To develop it, you need to run, swim, and also perform exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, work with a barbell and kettlebell.

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