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Fit for Royalty

Luxury resort Half Moon upped the ante on its guest chef series with the latest instalment featuring Chef John Higgins at Sugar Mill Restaurant, a fortnight ago.

Chef Higgins, a Scot by birth, is the director of the prestigious George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Higgins also has the distinction of having served members of the royal family including Queen Elizabeth II, on several occasions at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Dubbed a ‘Chef to the Royals’, Higgins delivered a tour de force of six courses including braised veal cheeks with pickled walnut sauce, tea-smoked maple salmon and soya-marinated duck with pickled beets, Newfoundland corn-sweet potato chowder with bacon and a double dessert offering of lime and coconut pot of crème and double-chocolate cardamom tart.

Select Brands through their partners Santa Margherita delivered superbly with their choice of wines specially selected to complement and enhance the flavours of each course, with several wine aficionados such as Cecile Levee and Giorgio Rusconi heaping praises on the pairings.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the veal cheeks. Out of politeness I tasted the veal as I have not had meat in several years. I ended up eating most of it because of how good it was, and not to mention it was perfectly paired with the 2013 Chianti Classico,” stated Levee.

“Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic evening of food and wine selections; the food and wines were definitely first-class,” Levee added.

“The veal cheeks and the Chianti were beautifully paired and the rosé was also wonderful; overall, an excellent evening with several interesting blends,” said Rusconi.